A basic dungeon

A basic dungeon

Today I created a basic dungeon and some enemies, worked out the lighting and the trigger to change lighting and spawn enemies. I am feeling pretty drained for some reason today, so I will keep this brief with pictures.

Outside the dungeon
Past the trigger.
A simple enemy.
Testing some effects.
Mysterious floating crystal.

I did manage to fix the issue where the sprites for npcs would turn and become flat by wrapping the thing in an outer layer that handles the moving around. I need to implement this on pets but I have it in there.

Also did some work with the skybox and world lighting. I do need to create some special lighting for the sprites, probably. This project is more of an experiment and a way to learn than a complete game. I just wanted to implement some systems in Unity and see how it went. At the end I release this as a prototype as stated before. Maybe one day I will turn it into a complete game.

Next on my list of things to do is add combat + enemy drops and populate the dungeon with some tier 1 resource nodes.

Well. Dinner time.