A Saturday Post

A Saturday Post

Alright, having thought about it and slept on it I think I can fix the problems with the MMO project in one place where I think it is going wrong. Also I want to attempt compiling Poco libs into a GDNative extension, if I can do that I will have all the tools I need for the DB wrapper as well as better JWT support for login.

If all goes well I can fix the map loading problems from within the SceneManager code, else I will have to rewrite the whole damn client. What I am also going to do is setup the servers to allow me to host the game server either locally or on Galleon with a toggle on the login prompt in the client to connect to local or Galleon.

Worst case, though... I will have to rewrite the client from the ground up. The servers are actually fine, at least. So I am not a complete moron, just mostly.

Anyway I am probably going to spend the majority of next week if not all of next week working on Tamakai. I have enough plan to at least get the most basic prototype banged out. I also have an idea how I can generate a large picture as well as a small, animated sprite for each pet type for future expansion of the game features. Anyway I am supposed to be taking it easy today so I am off.

Here's hoping things go better over the next couple weeks.