Am I better yet?

Am I better yet?

Still not good enough to be standing or sitting in a chair for too long without the pain building but I do have a good chunk of mobility back so... I'll hopefully be back in action this week. Though I had a lot of time to think and I think I will go forward with less force for a while.

What I mean is I wont be forcing myself to adhere to strict schedules and only work on specific projects for long periods. I'll wake up and pick a project from the list for that day to work on. These projects will be long and short term things, some I can knock out in a day or two and some that may take me months. I will pick one game project to work on with a hope of releasing by October, probably a horror game or at least something with a strong Halloween aesthetic. I might do little systems here and there for game dev project and release them for other people, potentially for money in some cases.

I want to spend more time drawing and making music as well. I would really like to find a balance between the creative and the logical. I also need to relax more, I tend to think more clearly when I am relaxed. Anyway, on to the things I think will be my focus for the next few months.

Firstly, of course Mantilogs. I plan to have a dashboard and a todo system to have an easy checklist of things to do as well as display upcoming events. But first I will need an API for the leopard geckos, this will also interface with the esp32 based telemetry and information display I plan to build into the habitats in the coming month or so.

The main information the APIs need to provide will be per habitat, displaying what would be needed for the occupant's feed supplement or what may need cleaning. The system itself should be pretty simple, relying on holes drilled in the walls at specific points so the wires are on the outside and bundled together, keeping them out of the gecko's way as well as making them easy to disconnect for cleaning.

I'll probably use a simple thermistor based temperature probe system to measure the hot and cold sides of the substrate, then a dht22 about halfway up to get ambient temp and humidity. I could also add a motion sensor or laser tripwire to fire a camera in order to log time outside of the hides, but I think I will start with the environmental logging first.

This project is kind of what I was trying to get to with my experiments over the last several months. Hopefully this week I will have the funds to execute it. Might also finally add that barcode scanning system to the inventory management part of the mantilogs software in order to make things a little more easy to manage.

Next I was hoping to get my house roving robot rebuilt and powered better. Possibly adding an AI board server to it's network to allow it to offload the heavier computing and allow it to focus on moving itself around. This is something I will be researching, possibly starting on in the coming month.

Among other things, though I think I should probably write down all the individual projects and start just picking from them day to day. Anyway I am feeling really lethargic today so I am gonna lay down for a bit and maybe get started on that api in a little while.


Shite camera! post: Managed to get the API up and running as well as an ESP8266 consumer for it with an OLED display.

The JSON looks like: