An epitaph for a spoon

An epitaph for a spoon

So I get attached to things I have a long time, they start to feel like friends. Well, I lost a wooden spoon I cooked with every day for years today. The handle just snapped. I can't think of many food safe ways to effectively fix it so...

Anyway, not much to say today, writing out the documentation and plans for the new version of the Jake System. I keep meaning to get around to building the network of the HCN but something keeps coming up the past week. Prepping for a storm was a thing, cleaning, clearing snow, etc. I might be able to get started on that today, uncertain.

The nodes have stopped dying on me anyway. Leaves me with a few specific brands to buy from in future.

Anyway I got this much worked out and written down in the documentation book got some chapters to add to as I implement.

Also going through and making some backups of stuff I bought on because I have a lot of game dev resources there and I have been burned by things like this before with an online game store just not being there and me losing my games. Really sucks.

I've got hundreds of thousands of assets for games sitting there, if they were to vanish over night that would be really frustrating.

I keep a backup of all my pixel art through mirrored git repositories, so anything I make ends up somewhere backed up on a local and remote server. Finally.

Aside from the backups and documentation I am doing the usual guitar practice. Not sure I am getting around to the first HCN build today, it's already 4.


Everything seems to be nice and stable for the past couple months.
It's been pretty easy to maintain everything in containers and I really am glad I took the time to learn and migrate to them.

My self-hosted gitlab.

Don't mind the red Xs, those failing CI runs are because I didn't set up the CI for those projects.

DNS security.

Managing these servers has really given me a lot of knowledge I didn't expect to come across. Not to mention how they've become the main workhorse of my projects, in a lot of cases I can offload even the IDE to the servers and use a Raspberry Pi or old laptop to work from.

I've really managed to automate a lot of things to the point where I barely have to work on the servers at all unless I need to manually apply some updates. I've got 100% uptime across the board though because it's as near as makes no difference to 100%.

Anyway, I've done what I can do for today, I need to get some more guitar time in and get some cooking and cleaning done.