APIs and Research

APIs and Research

So yesterday I added a couple more endpoints to the leopard gecko API. I did so thinking of two use cases I had in mind for them. Firstly graphs, having the data for graphs will allow us to see the information in a more easily digestible format. Secondly, data science. I would like to create some models and prediction algorithms from the data we've been collecting.

Of course, there are other uses for the endpoints as well, I could make a more modern front-end with some silly framework or another, though personally I don't really like any of the front-end frameworks. They all feel bloated and superfluous to me. I like to sit down and write some code without thinking about how the framework will handle it. I can see their value in large teams, since it gives some rules for the developers to follow... but for a solo dev it makes more sense (to me at least) to just get a CSS framework or something to make the design process quick and then use some plain old JS or TS if you're into that. I do like the idea of type-safe JS but have yet to bother making the move as there are so many other things I want to do first.

The keyword search endpoint(with mouse cameo)
The feeding stats endpoint.

For today, while still bed-ridden I am doing research on my feeder cultures. I would like to add silkworms to my stock, but first I need to make sure I am doing the best I can be doing for what I got.

So far I haven't gotten any new information but I am at least making sure what I know is right. This is at least some relief. I did come up with a few ways to increasing the nutrition in my dubia feed so that's a plus too.

I am gonna have to lay down for a bit and then maybe see what I can do about either making a little frontend for the apis that can run more easily on a phone or add more endpoints for the gecko api.