Armored Mask and Mewsli

Armored Mask and Mewsli

So over the last week I spent a lot of time setting up for the launch of the Mewsli demo in September.

My wife and I finally came up with a name for the project: Geruterra.

I went and banged together a start of a website for it, just needed something there for later. It took me 20 minutes to build the site, the rest of the time was configuring mail servers and DNS and security and getting the containers all set up and networked. You know, that stuff that I find fun for some reason.

Also it seems like things might be looking up for us, I hope it keeps up. I'd like to just focus on making this game with my wife and finally fulfilling a promise I made over 13 years ago. Might as well have my first real game be the one I promised her, I think. It's fitting as she's stayed beside me through hell and high water all of my adult life.

Anyway, I will continue to post devlogs here, you can still directly sponsor me via the subscription/membership system if for some reason you have money and see what I do as valuable. I don't know if it is valuable, I just try to make cool stuff I like and think other people would like too.

If you want to have more... streamlined... updates without all my rambling and other random projects you can go to Armored Mask, it uses the same subscription system as this site and will update when I start big sections and finish big sections and systems of our games, at least that is the plan as of writing.

I also set up a bunch of services this week for fiends of Armored Mask, like a youtube frontend. well as a few internal services like a Jellyfin media server for our music and a Kavita instance for our books. Containerizing everything really made life easier for me. I spend a lot less time doing server and site maint.

I've been testing my streaming server and learning my way around the more interesting features of OBS. You might catch me streaming or testing during work hours sometimes at Yarr's Twitch-like Internet T System (With blackjack and hookers) Y-Tits for short.

I also went and switched all our mail systems to protonmail because it is cheaper and more secure.

Among other things I have set up I have...

Anyway got shit to do, can't be writing all day.