Attempting to work on the Slime Generator

Attempting to work on the Slime Generator

Up all night with my dog, she got sick yesterday. I spent the night taking her outside and making sure she drank water and got better. She's not 100% but she's a lot better this morning... though I am exhausted so quality of work will degrade further.

I also have an appointment tomorrow and that'll take most of my day. Speaking of which I need to text my ride and make sure we're still good to go. I don't drive, can't afford to. Besides, I spend a lot of time lost in my mind and back when I did drive I would sometimes find myself going into autopilot and it scared me.

Anyway... I will attempt to do a little work on my generator today. I can't imagine I will do a very good job of it but it doesn't hurt to try, I can just git stash if it all goes horribly wrong.

First thing I want to do is double-check my indices, I may have forgotten to count the ID field and started my count wrong, in which case the whole damn thing would be off by one and better to sort it all now than wade back through the whole thing later.

Actually... what I could do is make an enum... yeah, I will do that. Might save me some time down the road. Although this is very tired brain so I could be aiming a rocket launcher at my feet here(something I grew accustomed to with C++).

At least one potentially smart thing was done today. (I hope.)

Now I should be able to pass and get 1 or GERU.current_weapon_skillpoints and get... whatever index that is. Yeah, this will help a lot, now I wont have to count the indices manually. Sometimes tired brain has good ideas.

I'll enumerate all the models in the DBMan so I can call DB.GERU.color2 or whatever from anywhere in the code, though really it should only be in the managers, generators and DBMan itself.

Find and replace in selection is very nice to have in the editor.

Godot has a lot of nice little features. I should replace the extra space though.

At least I will know my indices are correct when addressing the arrays returned from or sent to the DBMan and wont need to do any costly type conversions.

Now the generator is fully refactored to use the enumerators, if I change the models now I don't have to do NEARLY as much work. Alright, with that done my fear about mislaying indices should be allayed and the speed at which I can work on the generator should increase now that I don't have to count fields.

Welp, lunch time. Starting to really feel the lack of sleep now. I think I should probably call it here for today while I still have good work done, go get some lunch, take a shower and hang out with my big dumb marshmallow beast. I'll either have another half-day tomorrow or come back Thursday and get started on writing the queries for the DBMan so I can test the generator.