Back in the office again

Back in the office again

That was over a month. I was expecting 3 weeks at the worst but nope, I had to prematurely attempt to get back to work and elongate the recovery time. Anyway I am back now. I feel like my priorities have changed since this started, though and I will need to decide on what I am going to be doing now that I am back.

Yesterday I got some shelves set up in here to replace my old, falling apart particle board abomination that was barely holding together. They don't make furniture like they used to. I also installed some holders for my guitars and put in an 8 port switch to deal with my growing Pi server rack... which could use some organizing but I am not sure how I want to do it just yet.


As for projects I have the tank display systems ready for testing, they will be installed as habitats are cleaned. I also have a temperature controller relay system to wire up. Then of course I continue to work on mantilogs. I recently fixed a stupid bug in the stats API, I for whatever reason assumed there would ALWAYS be a feeding log. So I fixed that with a datetime delta comparison of 7 days, simple enough. There's also a web controlled light for the lizard habitats that I finished but need to put up now that I am back on my feet.

Game development, though. I'm pretty sure I will be working on a project to hopefully release by October, it however will not be super elaborate and I wont be working on it fervently as I have done before. It will be kind of how I work on Mantilogs where I will go back and add a feature or fix a bug whenever I think of something useful and give it a few days thought before actually implementing it. It's so easy to bloat your projects, you know?

For the kind of game... it'll either be a pet sim or a side scroller sort classic metroidvania style thing. I have to decide that over the next week. Whatever it is I will be theming it for Halloween release of course.

I will spend some time I think working on small toy projects in python, trying to improve my skills. I would like to fiddle with Evennia as well, since that's a django project maybe there's some contributions I can make. I would also like to spend some time messing around with some networking libraries like twisted.

I might set aside a bit of time to finish out the Golang course I have, it may be useful to have a fundamental grasp of it in coming days. Part of me wants to just write all my servers in C, C++ or Rust but at the rate technology improves I find myself relying more on higher level, slower langs that call some underlying C or whatever to do the heavy work when need be.

So, with that... I guess I will start figuring out what I will be doing tomorrow. Probably some brainstorming for the game project, figure out the engine (Unity or Godot, would use a framework but let's keep it simple, right?) decide between the two ideas I have and plan out the systems required.

Aside from that I will probably work on some kind of toy chat system. It's something I wanted to do since I was a kid, back in the days of hanging around AOL chatrooms and IRC. It'll give me an excuse to mess around with networking libs and do some stuff with SQLalchemy.

Welp. Gonna check out for now, play some guitar, figure out how I want to organize my little mini server rack, organize the living room a bit and vacuum. Things have really piled up on me while I was laid up.

Cheers. It's good to be back.