Back to Designing the Slime Template

Back to Designing the Slime Template

Had some forced time off. That tends to happen to me around the holidays, anyway I am back to work now hopefully in alright shape, but I suppose we'll be finding out as the day goes on. Took the time to enjoy my yearly whiskey and some Dwarf Fortress and Everquest(P99), so it wasn't so bad.

I still need to finish the redesign on the slime animation template and draw and animate the first slime. However, I will have to get some breakfast and do some work on the servers it seems, it is a time of high strangeness in the network here. I was just going to get stuff ready and go get food but I noticed some things were down and now it's nearly 11. Might as well just make lunch at this point.

Had a few mysterious restarts of one of the DB servers, not sure what's causing it yet, just going to have to keep an eye on it. It's likely caused by something causing a hiccup in the background worker for the mirroring, since that's where the error appears to come from in the logs.

Anyway, guitar time and then I guess I will get started drawing the new slime template. I would toss out an estimate of how long it will take but I really don't know. I should probably take my time here because any changes down the line are going to cost me a lot more time.

Eh, not quite.

I've really got to take some time and figure this one out.

Still no.

I haven't stretched the pixel art muscles in a while... having a hard time getting started. Gonna need references for shading.

Dragon Quest 6 Slime
Maybe a little too much ramp?
Too much ramp and a pain in the ass to animate, I would wager.

Wow, really just getting nowhere today. I'll just avoid any highlighting and shading for now, set up layers and animations.

Really wish I had an artist, sometimes I am just not able to switch into art mode at all. I'm not getting anywhere with this right now, I need to switch tracks.

Alright, I went into the Aethenium and wrote a page about the slime design, since I only have one other team member this is something we will discuss and do some brainstorming over until we have a solid idea.

Grayscale (For ease of modulation)

I think this will be far easier to animate than something with way more detailed shading and highlights, plus if we've got markings and a face in there it will get way too cluttered visually.

If we need more detail it's easier to add than deal with it all here and now only to find out we needed less down the line.

We can use some sillybuggers on the faces and hands to denote they are facing left or right as well, instead of drawing all the animations in several directions which we don't have the time for.

Dalmation Eye Marking (I guess?)

It's simple. Simple is nice.

Easier to get some animations working at least.

Well, I wrote a page and did some basic animation. Not much was accomplished today but it is a start. Tomorrow will be a bit easier now that I have a framework to build from.

I'm going to make my commit for today and go get some chores done before I gotta make dinner, I think. It's about 20 past 4.

A few body animations.

I hope to have the base worked out and the Slime server connecting to the Apartment server and Client by the end of the week, anything else is extra. Can't be rushing and crunching or I make-a da bad game.