Back to work

Back to work

After a very long hiatus I am back to working on Geruterra. I planned to start with the updates system and the CI/CD for the client.

I've learned that I have some issues with the CI not being able to load Godot plugins for some reason which breaks the SQLite stuff entirely thus destroying the client update system.

Well, I can make this... somewhat simpler... kind of. I probably can have each part in it's own JSON file using a folder structure similar to how I was setting the tables up. IT will require less data conversion from SQL query to JSON as it will already be JSON when it is pulled from the API.

I'll have to keep a file to track versions for potential updates of course, same as it was in SQL. Well, at least I didn't get too far with it before I started on the automated deployments. So for today I will just clean up the SQLite references and get the CI/CD working.

Ripped out all the SQLite code, hopefully this will allow my CI to complete properly.

Mac build needs work but all the ones that matter are here.
Keys for downloads

With that I should now be ready for testing releases when the time comes. In the meantime I have to finish the update system and get the foundation for the care sim systems into the game.

I'll start posting anything to do with Geruterra over at the Geruterra site from now on. I'd like to keep this blog for my random smaller projects so I can keep better track of things.