Breaks Applied on a couple projects

Breaks Applied on a couple projects

Well, the plan was to finish building Scrapyard Sally and have a PC to develop games on again but of course I needed a part or 3. It's fine using the old GPU and the old PSU seems to be holding... though the thermal dissipation of the heat-sink on the CPU is another story. So I ordered some Thermal paste... which took 3 weeks to even get to shipping at which point somehow I didn't have the money in that account and now I'm too broke to afford any for the month because shit happens.

Anyway... I will try to continue working on the crystal lantern lighting test bench I guess? I'm out of weed so I mostly just spent today cleaning out the office closet and vacuuming. Gotta do some laundry too so probably get around to that once the hot water is back. I'm back to feeling exhausted and disappointed and overwhelmed so I guess I didn't have enough weed to get me too far this time, eh? Not sure what it is about the holidays but they really mess me up.

If I had some money I would buy me a big ol stash of weed to last me til Spring. I know I'll be alright in about March 26th or so but don't try to contact me on March 24th, I will likely be staring deep into the abyss that particular day.

Aside from that I guess things have been alright. I didn't get any actual work done today but I did get a bit of cleaning done... so that's something. Probably doesn't help that it's another dreary day here, weather is all dark and depressing. I think I will figure out a way to get some more jazz cabbage and work on the lights and my little studio laptop til next month when I can try and replace the PSU and get some thermal paste at once... probably a better bet to do that anyway. Might come up with a new cooling system for my other GPU as well and be able to upgrade from the 2007 or so era GPU in there right now.

I think the next part of the light bench after Saturday is going to be starting on writing the central server controller, I should probably do this on a Pi to start out so I can keep it as a dedicated secondary network and free up my poor little router which is starting to struggle with all the ESP micro-controllers, the Server, the all of the RPis and of course my day to day usage. I may get started on that tomorrow, for now I am just content to watch the lights sparkle and flicker like rainbow fire in the crystals.

Next day here; yo.

So I've got the next light node parts coming today hopefully and should be able to build the last node for testing. Problem is I can't find an esp8266 for it and my esp32s don't seem to put out much current on the 3v3 line. So I think I will run it off the pi that will be the main server for the nodes to synchronize to. I'll just set up a simple animation or even just some static colors to start, just until I can get another set of esp8266s or find one randomly around the house in a no longer needed project.

Alright, used a 32 anyway. I can replace it any time. Aaaaaaaaanyway, I have got the last node for the bench set up so now I can start working on the API server.

Bad camera work gogogogo

Anyway, my back is killing me from having to bend over this thing setting the quartz in the clay around the LEDs so I'm gonna just chill for a bit before I gotta make dinner.