The Silence

The Silence

I'll probably slow down a bit on Gerucrash development for a bit. The last couple weeks were a bit of a roller coaster. I started out the day when I initially started writing this planning to implement the slime renderer on the client and then the power went out. I had been so buried in work I didn't notice a big storm coming.

Next thing I knew my dog was really sick, then it was holidays... then my dog's sickness came back which I finally managed to trace to her food and got rid of it. Now I am just kinda burned out in general, on everything. I have slept maybe 2 hours in the last week and my focus is so busted I can't even get the laundry out of the dryer without walking down the hall 4 times and forgetting why I was there.

This does not mean I am giving up. I will continue to work on the game at a slower pace for a while and maybe pick up the pace again later on. There's a lot of other projects I have neglected and my servers are in need of some attention. I'm going to moving my e-mail hosting to my own servers and doing a few other things.

I was considering running a small hosting company as well, hosting game servers, mostly. I've always enjoyed setting up and running game servers and my hardware is far from at capacity with what I am up to. Plus I could subsidize my server costs and maybe even make a profit?

I'll also be working on my lighting system which has been buggy and in need of a rewrite for a while now. It's just a prototype but I have been relying on it for a lot and I figure it's time to solidify it.

All I managed to write in my post before the power went was;

To start out I will use nothing but pure modulation, then later on I will write some code to pre-render and cache the sprites pre-modulated to the usr:// directory.

Now we're here. New year. Strange how life happens sometimes. You have a plan and then you get the rug yanked out from under you. Causes you to introspect a bit and examine what you're doing and rethink some plans. Maybe for the best, who knows?

So to recap I will slow down work on the game project and work on other stuff but not by any means abandon the project. I haven't really abandoned any of my projects, just shifted them to the back burner until I have whatever it is I need to continue on them.

Toghairm is still in development for instance. That was something I had planned to finish before Halloween 2 years ago but I hurt my wrist drawing all the backgrounds for it and then my laptop died. I'll launch it some October, maybe even this coming one? It is intended to be a short game so I might be able to fit it in.

I've learned not to plan anything anymore and just wing it all the time. Any time I make plans they get waylaid and I get frustrated. If I plan in the moment and just keep the general idea of what I want to do in front of me I get things done.

Anyway I got some DNS to manage and some server configs to edit, I'm going to make a note of what I was doing in Gerucrash here and get back to working on it when I have wrangled things back into some form of 'okay'.

Well, configured my email server for all my domains and set the DNS up on them, put in a ticket for the arpa reverse lookup and I am clocking out for now. Gotta take my dog for a walk and do some stuff around the house.