Continuing on the Gathering AI Branch

Continuing on the Gathering AI Branch

So far I have the AI moving from node to node, gathering and packing up the resourced into crates for the transporter to pick up and bring to the warehouse.

It probably doesn't seem like a lot but it is a solid foundation, I will probably take most of June to work on and test the AI.

Woodsman chops trees, packs crates.
Blue Transporter comes and picks up crates.

Next I need to make the crates stack I think, or have the slimes place them in a neat line or something. Later on I will have the construction system in and there will be stockpiles or something for them to drop their crates off at so they are safer from pirates and crows and whatnot.

But, of course, game development being iterative that could change by the time I get that far. For now my primary focus is getting the slime gathering AI complete, then getting on to the combat AI and factions.

Anyway, that's all for now.