Continuing on the Slime Template

Continuing on the Slime Template

I'm going to try and finish the template today. Before I got started I made a containerized version of EOServ for my own messing around purposes. It was a continuation of something I was doing last night. Just something to do in the evenings when I don't want to watch crap or play games. I also have a light control system that needs a rebuild, so I'll probably do that too.

But weekdays are for Gerucrash and Guitar. Which I am about to get started on right now.

Now for more drawing.

I am thinking I will have to use my sprite generator API from Yarrdachi for the slime generator, then store the files in a mounted volume accessible by the slime server via usr://slimes or something. I don't think I will be able to easily generate the sprite sheets from within Godot itself. I know I can but I think there would be a lot of overhead.

How can I bake 2D sprites in Godot at runtime?
I would like to use the technique described here to create a player sprite with unlimited clothing and equipment options (like in Stardew Valley).To elaborate: I want to have a sprite sheet for the

I don't plan to be using a GPU on the server and I have already solved this problem for another project with Python+Flask+ImageMagick. I can just clone my repo for that and modify it for this, send a payload over to it in JSON format and either receive the sprite OR just store it somewhere accessible like mentioned above.

Then I send the sprite over to the client with it's name being <slime_uuid>.png and save it to the client's usr:// then whenever we go to load we check for a cached version first, if we have it we can load it, otherwise download it

Anyway, back to my scribbles.

Based on my current animations I can make my faces 12x12 and be alright.

The Face Square

So now I can continue my work knowing I need to leave a 12x12 space inside for the face to fit and not look wonky. You can get a lot of expressiveness in 12x12, I think.

Lunch time. Got a lot of animations to draw and then I have to draw the first face set, I think I know how it will work but I am sure it will be revised a few more times during implementation.

A baby slime with no face.

Well, I think I can get away with 16 frames (at least for now) I do have to make the face set though, that will very likely be quite a few more than 16, probably closer to 60.

Well, up to 56 so far. Wasn't far off the mark there.

Keep making faces, it'll get stuck like that.

I wonder what other faces will be required now... hmm.

Very hard to see faces.

It's a start. I can build it into the client and get a better idea what else I might need now.

There's our lad.

Easy to change his color with modulation;


Alright. I know there's some weird crap with the way this TSCN file saves for some reason. It will limit the amount of TOTAL frames in my sprite to 52 for some reason. It happened with the old testing version and it happened again here.

There is something I want to try that will allow me to directly import my animation data from our old friend Mr. Aseprite and potentially fix this problem as well, let's see...

GitHub - viniciusgerevini/godot-aseprite-wizard: Godot Editor plugin to help import Aseprite animations to AnimationPlayers, AnimatedSprites and SpriteFrames.
Godot Editor plugin to help import Aseprite animations to AnimationPlayers, AnimatedSprites and SpriteFrames. - GitHub - viniciusgerevini/godot-aseprite-wizard: Godot Editor plugin to help import A...
Welp, here goes nothin'.
Ah. Interesting.

I installed Aseprite through Steam since it's convenient. Better get to compiling.

Well, didn't expect to get much done today.


I am running a really old probook to do all this on so... this will take a bit and I wont be able to do much of anything while it does.

Halfway through the Skia compile, now. Vaccuumed the office.

Made some commits, just in case the compile somehow kills my hardware.

My vaccuum cleaner smells like dog butthole when I turn it on now. I think I will have to sit my dog down and have a chat with her...

And we're done. And it's 4. That took almost an hour. I am hungry. Welp, let's get this done at least.

Command works, should be good to go.

There we go.


But are the animations intact?

They are indeed.
And the face animations as well.

Well, that's the sprites and animations imported. Would have taken my an hour or two to set those up otherwise so this is good.

I will have to go through and tweak things and I still have to deal with markings, wings, tails, any other layers I intend to add... but it shouldn't be too hard since I managed to reduce my frames to 16 from 52 or so.

Also have to write the animation control differently, since I control the face and body separately now. I will have to syncronize them somehow.

Tweaks are done, seems to be fine.

Welp, now that I have that done... tomorrow will be about adding optional bits that can be there; wings, tails, markings.

After that I suppose I am on to the server construction and maybe adding some more models if I need them.

Clockin' out.