Cool Rust Stuff Wot I found

Cool Rust Stuff Wot I found

Before I get started on the short section of coursework I have planned for today I decided to go out and look for interesting Rust stuff. The following is what I found.

Are We Game Yet? - We've got all you really need it seems. It's not all put together as an engine, but you could pretty quickly assemble your own engine from the parts.

Are We Web Yet? - Yes, we got some lightweight modular frameworks which look very interesting. Not only that, we also have some crazy ass WebAssembly stuff.

Alacrity - A GPU accelerated Terminal Emulator. If you're a dev who spends most of your time interfacing with CLI and SSH, the humble terminal emulator is your best friend. This one is actually pretty damn impressive.

Deno - Devs who primarily focus on JavaScript and TypeScript probably know of this, it's a JS/TS runtime(like node) and it's written in Rust.

Rusted Ruins - A pretty solid, though early game.

Redox - A desktop OS, early but what here isn't early? Rust is relatively new. Though it is quite impressive and not bad to look at either.

Valoren - A multiplayer voxel-based game for nerds! No but really it looks really good, I plan to give it a try later on today if I can.

Serialport-RS - A library for interacting with serial ports, great for Arduino-type stuff among other serial communications. I will be using this for something in the near future, probably.

Enet - The popular game networking library, which I used for my initial MMO Project. I might be using this for the redesign of the MMO project.

Tokio - Another networking library, this one looks pretty promising. Seems like it has everything you might need.

Imgui-RS - Rust bindings for Dear Imgui, a commonly used GUI library for game devs working with C or C++.

Amethyst - A pretty far along game engine. It needs some optimizations but it is looking pretty great. I might take some time to work with it on a basic project to see how it works. Uses ECS which I am pretty fond of.

Ockam - Seems to be a solid suite of libs and tools for network security in your code. I'll have to implement this into something, possibly with Tokio or Enet? Might be useful with WebAssembly client-server software. I really need to have a closer look.

Astro-Rust - Astronomical Algorithms in Rust. You'd be surprised how useful these could be in a multitude of projects. First thing that comes to mind is game dev, for me of course. But also could be used for some crazy GPS-based software.

Pier-CLI - A CLI system for storing code, one-liners and scripts. Useful if you maintain a lot of servers like I do. Also good if your build tools are CLI-based.

Cloak - A CLI for OTP auth.

See - A quick web/file server if you need to get up and running fast. Single executable.

Of course, there's a lot more, though this is just a cursory glance. I feel like I could get lost looking around Cargo at all the cool packages.

Anyway, gonna get on that coursework.

Section done. On to house stuff and then relaxing.