Damage Control

Damage Control

So a lot of my servers and ssl certs went kinda... badly the last couple days. Today I have remedied that by getting a new host for my VPSes. It's about lunch now and I spent the majority of the morning doing research on deals since there are still some cyber Monday deals active.

This site is hosted with DigitalOcean so I don't really ever have to worry about it but it is pretty expensive. I also use some cpanel shared hosting for some things as it's just convenient if I need to quickly spool something up or if I want some e-mail addresses really quick. But the bulk of my software runs on Raspberry Pi servers in my home network and sometimes on my R710 which I try to keep powered down as much as possible as I am broke and the electric bill is my arch nemesis. I like to keep it below $100 a month and usually (through building my own lighting and using a laptop for my primary workhorse) keep it below $60.

Having a couple VPSes out there hosting my software allows me to actually deploy my projects. Mantilogs for instance has not been deployed, I run it in dev mode because I am still developing it but I would like to see how it will deploy because I know there will be issues with that I need to sort out for other people to use the software. What I may do is even host it in a way that other people can just register on the main mantilogs system. It would require me to modify the models slightly but I am sure I could do it in less than a day.

I am running on a continued lack of sleep, however so today could go either way. Hopefully we don't have a repeat of yesterday though, that would really fuck me up. I did manage to get a wiki up and running, this one doesn't have the same issues so far so I am pretty happy with that. I can now write my god damn documentation which is LOOOOONG overdue.

Anyway I will probably spend the day configuring the new servers and writing the docs for the MMO project. Though I do want to try some cheeky Godot experimenting with 2D sprites on a 3D map. I think I could use that to deal with my Y-Sort issue more effectively as well as make my lighting system easier to write. If I am hosting the servers on the VPS I wont have to worry as much about my laptop burning itself up when creating 3D environments and it will give me an excuse to actually learn Blender. I also should probably be doing this before I implement the maps into the server anyway, otherwise I will either overthink it to do both. I will try to keep the textures pixel-art style in order to not feel discordant with the sprites.

First up on any new server config is to configure the DNS and then SSH in to run updates, install the DBMS and secure what needs securing. Then probably setup SSH keys so the password login is disabled. Passwords are kinda shitty for server security,


It's nice to have some software functioning for once. Yesterday really sucked. I have to go through and write all of the documentation for this but it is now setup, scaffolded if you will. No weird bugs when I try to use backspace or letting me write a whole page and only saving 2 characters. It just works. Beautiful. Though it did time out while I wrote the base page for the game server documentation. Forgetting that it saved drafts I stupidly wrote "what?" and saved that. Genius. RIP.

It's coming together, at least.

I have to write a list of Nodes that link to their own pages and those must explain all the functions of those nodes. This is not something I will be doing today but it is coming soon tm.

That's better.

Now all I need is to go through all my nodes and their code and document all that which is half-done because I comment heavily. I could likely just copy the comments and paste them in.

Managed to write the documentation for the Server node on the Game Server. It's not pretty but I only had half an hour.

Also styled the wiki to be more in line with the rest of my project management stuff.

A lot of these functions need to be refactored for the new map system and the way state will be syncronized and handled so it's probably going to be rewritten fairly soon anyway.

I also still have a good few nodes to write documentation for.

Nodes in need of docs.

As well as singletons and the containers for various objects the server needs to track state of. The Character Container is in charge of it's own internal state pertaining to stats, exp, inv, as well as it's map data, the Map will be aware of the player's peer id, location within the map, heading and weather or not the player is currently walking or idle. Writing the documentation is certainly making things clearer, like I had expected.

Anyway it's time to cook some dinner, signing off and clocking out. Glad to be back on track.