Time to decide on the prototype for next month...

I have a catalog of ideas and bits and pieces but I seem to be having trouble figuring out what one of these things sparks something in me. I know if I just pick one and start I will probably be fine and if I can't find one that stands out to me I will just have to load the list into an RNG and prototype whatever index comes back.

I am leaning toward one of the River City Ransom style game ideas I have but I am unsure which. I also would like to work on one of the Mother style games and... well, they all have something for me of course otherwise why would I have written them down?

I just ended up adding a bunch more to my list today, aside from playing guitar and doing some server maintenance not much was accomplished. I will have to read through my list again until I hit something solid and then write it on the whiteboard and get to planning, otherwise... RNG will decide.

Really feeling a lean toward the delinquent Bancho style right now, reminds me of my interestingly spent youth. Dreams of being the toughest and taking over the city. River City Ransom style beat-em-up or Mother/Dragon Quest RPG though? I could also do it as a recruit-em-up where you beat down characters and recruit them into the party and it kinda plays more like a CRPG with a lot of characters sort of like Kenshi.

Hmm. I have a partially built version of the RCR style game as well as Protobound if I decide to go that way, if I want to do something totally from scratch that I have not done before I could go with the CRPG style. I guess I would have to think about the game visually to decide how I want to handle that.

I am more leaning toward the idea of controlling a squad, maybe because I have Kenshi on my mind now or perhaps because it seems like an interesting challenge. Maybe you control the primary character in a beat-em-up style and the squad can be controlled but will otherwise just fight on their own... maybe have some toggles for their AI like

  • Taunt
  • Block
  • Avoid

Already seems like a lot but it only has to be a prototype, right? Each recruitable character could be of a particular class like martial artist or slugger or whatever else...

I could also do this in the style of the turn-based rpg. Hmm. Hard to decide what I want to do with it.

It's strange, it's like every time I think I have something I want to work on I start to think of the other things I could be doing instead and start wandering again. I guess it's time for the RNG to pick from the ones that stand out the most to me and then I just do that.

Whatever I end up with I will have to wrap at the end of the month one way or another, then I can do the next thing and so on. I shouldn't be getting so stressed out about this. It's just prototyping.

Once I get started on actually coding the thing it'll all be fine, I just need to pick the thing and get to coding it.

Welp, it's about time to clock out. Looks like I will be running the RNG tomorrow and hopefully it will all just work out from there.