DevOps and Backups

DevOps and Backups

I've been pretty quiet while I work out my CI for various projects. Not much to tell, just learning my way around GitLab CI, automating container builds, godot client builds and releases.

Now that I have a solid foundation for my project management set up and have managed to secure my mail server and set up a bunch of workers and bots to keep me informed of my services and servers, builds, issues, etc. Mirrored my various chat channels so I can respond to everything from my IRC server and created a public-facing bug report system... among other things that slip my mind, I have been a busy bastard... (wow, look at that sentence)...

Anyway, I want to make some backups of my code, hunt down a few missing projects... primarily Toghairm... and mirror the backups so I can't lose them again. Last September was a pretty big set back, losing one of my main servers...

Once I have completed my backups and mirrors of my code I will be setting up a better database mirroring and backup system and then, finally, get back to game development. As for what I will be working on, I tested out 3D and I don't think it will be a great idea. I really would prefer working from the office and 3D just wont be possible on that poor little laptop.

I would like to upgrade my hardware in there, but I have to make sure I have enough saved up for moving if that should happen any time soon and once I have that I need to upgrade my Gecko tank heating to be more energy efficient. THEN I can start to save up for new hardware. By my reckoning that will take a couple more months unless I get some unforeseen income.

Welp, gonna get back to it. Not much left to backup on this computer, going to have to boot the server in the office and begin searching around on it. Hopefully the backups of Toghairm were not a victim of the great container purge of '22.

Now that's done, some 6 hours later. Nothing is ever simple. If it is there's probably something wrong.