Enemy combat and leveling up equipment.

Enemy combat and leveling up equipment.

Today I set out to get the enemy combat and following AI in as well as the Weapon and Armor leveling. I managed to get it in pretty early despite a late start for the day... which is surprising.

I will probably be taking the rest of the day to mess around with Golang some more. It does a lot of things quite differently from what I am used to with a lot of things having taken paradigms from C.

Anyway, I started out by getting the weapon and armor leveling up. The pet rank will only increase if the armor/weapon matches the enemy's element, however attack and defense will increase as normal.

Weapon and Armor level up.

Then I went about making the follow AI so the enemies could track the player when they go agro.

Then I worked on making the enemy attacks, which are really just a coroutine that fires in a loop if conditions are met. I don't see why make it any more complex than that for this prototype.

Now we can fight honorably.

Having armor on makes these guys trivial but without it you could get obliterated pretty fast.

After getting combat working I populted the first area of the dungeon with some more enemies and mining nodes.

With that I am out of here. Happy New Year.