Equipping Slimes

Equipping Slimes

So I have some slimes armed of course, but those weapons are LIES. They are just there for testing animations and trail effects.

I was thinking about starting on the AI but I realized I need the tools for the AI to work, since the slimes behave differently depending on the gear they have equipped. (I also realized I could make each slime directly controlled by a different player and Space Station 13 this bitch, but I must resist the temptation to further bloat the scope.)

So today I started working on the Equipment Database and Tools, I started as usual by modeling the data based on a few entries and what they would each need.

I survived la Chancla.

Then I went about building the base UI.

Then populating it.

Then added some sprites to make sure they would load correctly.

Then built the tool into the Dev tools, now F1-F4 are the DB editors I built so far.

With that it's almost time to start cooking some dinner. Tomorrow I need to start on the Create UI, then the Edit UI and the Delete confirmation dialogue.

Anyway, that's today's work done. I'll probably be getting into the slime AI, which is probably going to be decision trees based on their equipment and current job, stats and various other contexts either late this month or early next.