Figuring out my projects

Figuring out my projects

I had hoped to be using Godot 4 more by now but everything is so transitory and unstable I can't go about making large, complex things like the Gerucrash refactoring from Godot 3 yet.

I am going to finish up my work on the scheduling system for Jake and then start some form of game development with Godot 4. I feel weird not working on games, like something is wrong with me. Something's missing. Rather make 'em than play em these days.

I have no idea what that game would be, though I would like to make sure it's networked so I can figure out the changed they made to the networking in Godot 4. Nothing as crazy as an MMO structure, but maybe a sort of host your own game server thing with let's say 100 players max, but more realistically 32 or so? I don't know.

I also wanted to try messing around with 3D in Godot since they spent so much time rebuilding the 3D rendering I kinda want to see how they did.

As for networked 3D games, I am not sure what I would make but I have some ideas. A lot of it will depend on what I can get my hands on in terms of assets. I have very limited experience with Blender.

This game probably wont be a big major project where I spend all my time, more just an experiment to learn what has changed in Godot while things catch up. I will have to write my own documentation as I go too, so it will probably be slower going than I am used to.

This will also be a good opportunity to test my CI system, as well as all my other devops tools and pipelines.

As for what kind of game it could be, I was leaning toward something with a bit of mystery. Not horror, per se, but maybe with a bit of a horror element somewhere in there. Really, the thing I make will depend on what I have access to. The only 3D modelling I can reliably do is voxel based, as I am a pixel artist primarily and I am not terribly fond of how those tend to come out.

Well, whatever it is I need to work on Jake for right now, hopefully the air is clean enough to get my bathroom clean later as well, then I can continue working with a clearer mind knowing my house is at least mostly clean.

... Welp, back to Jake's scheduling handler.