Furniture Inventory on the Client

Furniture Inventory on the Client

Not feeling so great today, not gonna set any crazy goals. Just gonna try and get the furniture inventory wired up on the client. I need to do an OS install on my machine here some time this weekend and I am probably going to do it today if I can.

Right, so. First I need to write some functions to pass the data to the client, then I can work on displaying it.


Really off today, not able to see anything here.

Hmm... thinking back isn't desc a keyword? Fuckin' whoops.
Double Quotes fix it.

I was really out of it when I wrote these models. Not doing much better today...

Alright, if there's no sprite assigned it will load the ugly ?

Now to add a sprite for the item and see if that will load, also I need to flip the expected values on placed, it loaded an item that IS placed not the other way around.

There, a furniture inventory UI.

Welp, that's my goal for today accomplished, only took about an hour. I have to do some computer janitor work and Monday I will be starting the complex system of furniture placement. I'll give myself the week for that. I was initially going to skip it for now and just get on with the slime server and pet raising but I'd rather just finish what I start.

The hope was to finish a playable prototype by the end of the year and that may still happen but I am not going to crush myself trying to make a deadline that is arbitrary at best while I am not well. I'm sure I will get better soon and can go gung-ho on the project again.

I have other things I need to make sure I get done around here anyway and I know if I let myself I will just get absorbed in the project and neglect everything else. I gotta fix up my laptop here and do some server janitor work so they can keep working for me while I build this game.

I also have a bathroom that could really use a cleaning and my kitchen counter ain't lookin' so fresh either. On top of that I know what happens when I design systems when I feel like shit and my DB models are it. Been having to battle with the dumb choices I made this whole time (see most posts lately, especially the one that took a whole day to solve one stupid little bug.).

So I will be back in on Monday, working on placing furniture in the apartments. May even draw some furniture over the weekend to use if I am up to it and have time. For now though I am going to get some work done on my old R710 here and install Arch on this HP Probook 4430s(Yep, I am that broke, but it's been good to me.) I have been using to develop this game. Ubuntu studio seemed like an interesting idea, figured it would be easier to record my guitar and make some game music... but it seems to be breaking down and the audio input is... eh, not important I am gonna get to fixing stuff around here and then go lay down.

Early Weekend.