Further R&D on the Generator

Further R&D on the Generator

There were a few more bugs that I have had to fix over the last couple days but I think I have mostly got the core working as intended. There are a lot of moving parts involved so I will spend a few more days debugging and writing tests endpoints for testing slime parts to see how they could generate.

I may have to start on the tools before I get on to the client and server, but that's still up in the air right now. I would like to have a way of more effectively testing the generators and making real-time adjustments to parts in the DB before I add sprite animations, though it might be easier to develop the tools if I get the animations sorted first. Not sure if I should work on these in parallel or separately yet. More planning is required.

For now, though, I added a simple name generator so I don't have to keep digging through UUIDs to find specific slimes and I am going to add a few more parts then generate a whole lot of slimes. I'll also have to write some sort of web-based display for checking out all the slimes that are generated and display their part information in order to dial in the generator numbers for each part.


And some generated sprites from the (yet very buggy) generator. Some parts need to be tweaked and there was a bug that overwrote front parts with rear parts which has since been fixed but I need to reupload all the sprites for it to work and I wont have time for that until (hopefully) this afternoon.

A lot of them are a specific body, which is a bug. The hands are drawing too close to the body which is because of how I set up the hand position of the body model, technically also a bug but easily fixed in the DB. There's also a minimum alpha channel on most parts of 0, which is invisible, of course. This is not a bug, it's for testing purposes in order to make sure the compositing is working correctly on the image API. It wont happen to player slimes unless very specific conditions are met.

Anyway, I have some things to do today. Depending on how they go I will probably get back to work on the generator and writing some sort of preview system in order to have a better idea what's going on in these slimes during generation this afternoon.

Otherwise I will report back when I can with better generated sprites.