Gecko Baths and their logs

Gecko Baths and their logs

The bath heater worked to some degree. It was never going to be terribly great, but it kept the water warm enough long enough and that's what it needed to do. If I had a better heat source it would have been better but I only had a small 17watt heat pad to work with.

It occurred to me during this time that I need to add another log, the bath log. These are rare with geckos but important to track.

I'll get on that today, tomorrow back to working on my Jake-O-Lantern lighting system... or cutting the grass, if I do manage to locate my whetstone.

That is all, gonna get to it. Just a matter of iterating on what I have already done multiple times for the other logs.

Bath Log Added

With that, I am done for today. Gotta clean my floor and maybe get started on the lawn if I can find that damn whetstone...