Geruterra Serializers

Geruterra Serializers

On to the serializers, I am getting started with the player models as they are less complex than the slime. This could take all day.

Player Serializer Testing
Player API endpoints.
Player Object Storage – Sprites
Player Hat API

Despite the weird name, the Django-Storages package is pretty nice. The documentation is a little... odd. But that seems to be the case for most documentation in my experience. Really makes you appreciate good docs.

I realized I could probably use my Minio instances to deliver game content to clients while I was hooking up redundancy for my database backups using the object store and mirroring. I'm still working out how to build my permissions as the syntax is rather strange to me, so I just locked down all the buckets that I don't want anyone being able to access.

Slime API endpoints.
Slime Body in Admin
Slime Body View in API

Well, got that done by lunch. I guess the next part is actually designing the sprites and how they fit together to form slimes. The players are already done.

Well, I made some test images that are just clown shoes so I can do some testing.

Slime parts in Object Store
Slime in API

Well, I got to the point I need to implement the sprite compositor. I have one I made a few years ago... but I think I lost the code along with Toghairm. Hmm. It could be on my office server, maybe... I will have to boot it up tomorrow and see. Otherwise I may have references to it on this blog somewhere.

Anyway, time to make dinner. Clocking out.