Goals, Deadlines and Getting Shit in Order

Goals, Deadlines and Getting Shit in Order

So this week will probably get a bit rough. I am bracing for next month where I will be very broke as well and then the following month is December so I am broke until next year. Sleep is a bit rough again. No more weed, so just gonna deal with it. I might just go with the flow and just not go to bed until I am tired. Though sometimes I feel tired but I lay down and suddenly become wide awake. Lay there for hours and hours and nothing, just getting more awake and more aware. This in turn causes me to think of embarrassing or depressing memories and it turns into a cycle until I either pass out or give up on sleep and do something else.

I'll probably end up flipping my sleep schedule to be more nocturnal if I just go with the flow, seems to have been my natural state since I was a very little child. I always had trouble sleeping at night. I tend to be more creative and work better at night too, which is kind of a frustrating thing when you are trying to be at least somewhat normal.

Anyway, enough of that; I need to set my deadlines for the core features. Basically I need a due date on Milestone 1. I'm looking at Xmas earliest, early spring most likely. I would like to explore some things and if I just work non stop I wont have time to do so. How else will I pick up Rust and Go? WebAssembly? Get better at drawing, picking up 3D modelling? I'll need to set aside time for this. I also need to spend more time with my guitars, I feel like I have been neglecting that.

Milestone 1 will have the core features I need to build everything else onto. This means all the basic pet care, the adventure system, farming system and community system. I might add guilds and crafts if I have the time.

Working out Milestone One's requirements.

Notes on required work for the milestone.

I think I will spend a little more time cleaning up and organizing my office today. It's probably a good idea to have some level of organization. I know disorganized rooms are better for creativity but they are also more prone to causing depression and making it worse.

Currently it looks like... well better than it did Friday.

From the door.
3D printer setup.
"Server Rack"

There's the r710, an 8-port switch and a few Pis running as NAS for now. The server has a monitor dedicated to it as well as a USB extension so I can (if I need to) physically access it from my desk.

The Music Wall

There's a guitar missing and I don't have anywhere stable there for my ocarinas but it's doing a good job holding the erhu, SG, Dreadnought and Dizi. I also need a spot for my midi keyboard I believe.

I like the room to be blue on days when it's gray outside. Sometimes I mix in red, some days I just open the curtain, sometimes I like to make the lights green. No real rule to this, just whatever feels good at the time. I do have a lot of things in here that flouresce under blue light though, so I tend to use that more. Plus I read a long time ago (not sure if true) that blue light tricks the brain into thinking it's a sunny day.

Also I know my cable management sucks. Not sure if this is the way I want to keep things yet.

Man, I just discovered Christopher Lee's Metal career. Dracula gets cooler all the time, even posthumously. All my hereoes are dead, but I still discover new things about them all the time. Sometimes it's good not to deep dive things... you get to discover cool stuff randomly through life. Keeps the adventure and mystery alive I think.

Right, I want to organize my desk and the bottom two shelves on my rack here. You could say I am procrastinating on Yarrdachi, but there's a lot to do to get this shit show in order. Kinda spent the past few years scrambling every which way and being distracted because life got weird, now I gotta get a handle on everything again. Living as a hermit does strange things to your mind if you let it. Downtime is your biggest enemy sometimes.

To the shelves!

One shelf down, I think. The tool shelf. I moved around some things, pushed the drop cloths to the back with the outdoor saws because I use those things rarely. Moved the jigsaw, dremel and drill all to a frontal place with the glue gun, soldering iron and one of my multimeters and all the things that go with them. I also have my tool bag for any other tools I might need to cart around but that is stored in a little cubby thing that was here when I moved in.

Now that all my tools are easier to reach without bonked noggin... still have the bottom shelf and all my catch-all bins where I just throw parts or things I don't have a place for. This is something I tend to do a lot. It does make for a fun time sorting them though, find all kinds of things I forgot I had. I might leave that for now... probably better do that the same day as the... closet... I am not looking forward to that one.

I got a nice little spot here to my left for all my electronic components, too. Stuff like sensors, battery holders, switches, buttons, thermistors, resistors, diodes, LEDs, etc... all in little component drawers and a little orange carry doodad that kind of acts like my electronics problem solving kit with sensors, dev boards, wires, basic requirements for mobile repairs, etc.

It's strange how much space you need to dedicate to 3D printing, I would say if you have a small office or work space you really should consider the space. You got filament spools to account for, lots of tools and things like painter's tape, capton tape, glue sticks. If you paint your prints you need a place for painting supplies... it gets to be a lot. Also get a heat gun, a lighter works but... just get a fucking heat gun.

I also have a place for my chunk of wood I use for drawing on. If I need to sit my ass down with some pencils or charcoals or whatever I got an art table me ma gave me. I keep the white board on top of that since it keeps it at a good angle, but I can just move that off over to the side and slap my art board up there. I got some of my pencils and drawing stuff there, also got a drawer full of soldering supplies. I like to have a large and open area to solder so it is great for that too. I can change it's angle and it's old which means it wont break on me any time soon and if it does I can fix it with bubble gum and zip ties. (I love shit I can fix myself, it lasts waaaaaaaaaay longer)

I think what I might do next is move some posters and hang my tapestry over the closet so it's less... awful? There's no doors on pretty much anything in my house, fact is I think this might just be some kinda scam the landlord is pulling renting out condemned places... I mean he did get busted for it on a couple of his properties... Oh well, it's what I can afford right now and as long as it doesn't fall on us or burn down and keeps the cold and rain(mostly) out... it's fine.

Anywaaaaay; Posters and tapestry.

Ah, that's better. The walls feel more solid now. Though one has a giant face so who knows what that will do to my mental state. Looks friendly enough anyway.

Got a few things checked on the shit to do around the house list. 6/12 Office items checked. Figured out the timeline for milestone one of Yarrdachi, at least enough to know how long I have to complete all the sytems and tests and whatnot. Dev should (hopefully) proceed at a leisurely but constant pace for the next few weeks. Still need a name for it though.

I guess with that I can clock out for now. I didn't expect to get much done given how I am feeling but I am kinda happy with what I did manage to do. Better go get started on dinner, I suppose.