What's been going on.

What's been going on.

First and most depressing I had to give up on finishing my October game project. I managed to get me a nerve injury in my wrist so I can't draw at all for a while and my laptop is kaput. Now I have to do most of my work between my desktop and a Pi 4 and all I can do without risking exacerbating the injury is code.

Second I have been doing some work on my web projects.

For Jake, the Armored Mask mascot/office automation system/dashboard I started overhauling the dashboard display with a neon theme and added a more advanced light control system. Jake now stores light presets for all the light nodes and the last settings for any individual node. This allows nodes that maybe get rebooted or disconnected to find their last settings and resume where they were as well as quickly switching them between custom presets. I also added a schedule system with APScheduler that stores schedules in the DB as well. This is to change the light nodes to different presets at scheduled times. It can be used to make all the lights go to Halloween mode on Oct 31 or Xmas mode on Dec 25 as well as changing based on time of day or week. Primarily made it so my habitat lighting didn't require manual management anymore.  

For Mantilogs I have started to remove the feeder cultures from the software and move them to their own project with more depth and ease of use. It'll be my experimental software where I try stuff before implementing it in mantilogs. I also added a microlog feature to mantilogs since the daily logs were becoming these large bricks of text.    

For the Armored Mask site and bot I have added some markdown parsing so the posts are a bit better formatted and more readable. I was thinking about adding a time tracking system based on the Discord currently playing feature but I don't really think it's terribly necessary so probably wont. I should add an edit route and a delete route to the API but this isn't too important since I can just edit things with commands and if I need to delete I can just SSH into the DB and quickly delete something with a short SQL statement and it's not like anyone else is using it.

Planned + Current projects:

  • Raylib or SDL2 project. Probably some kind of tamagotchi thing with limited spritework required once I have recovered. Mostly to have a C/C++ project(undecided)
  • Bug Rancher - Currently working on this, it's a way to seperate the culture systems from manitlogs and add a dashboard with checklists and logs to make sure daily care is done for all cultures and to track changes in hopes of preventing future problems.
  • Continued work on Jake
  • Continued work on Mantilogs, adding new species like Toads and Hermit Crabs, then move on to Pythons. I am starting with things we have around here and moving into the more common exotics, then working my way out to the fringes.
  • The Crystal Fountain light project. Basically been trying to get the materials for this for a few years, I do like building lighting displays and animating them so I figured it would be cool to make a web controlled WS2812 lighting system with a fountain... I currently just need clay, rosin, wires and sealants(Polyeurathane and Clear Silicone) as I got a bunch of Quartz and individual WS2812s. I really need some non-solid core wire for this one and my supplies are running low.

With that I gotta get back to planning the models for the bug rancher software.