Today I have been setting up the servers for supporting the MMO project and was trying to get some forum software that isn't super over-engineered running. While I will have to write my own forum some time for the Tamakai project, I would much rather use something old and familiar like PHPBB for now. Though I do dislike PHP, I will use it from time to time.

The upload

I am uploading the files to the server for the mmo project, there are other things that need to be uploaded though and some tweaks I have to make to the code, but I wanted to see how long it would take. In future I will just use git. Also it looks like they will be putting new poles in for the wires outside sometime soon and that does not bode well for me trying to get work done on whatever day that is as it is likely the internet will be intermittent at best.

I have to take my dog out as I have just eaten lunch and then I have to go and clean the bathroom. After that though I will be trying to deploy the MMO servers to Colony and hopefully have it up and running to do some quick testing on actual remote hardware for once, maybe have a friend or 2 pop in to test it as well. It will be accessible to the outside for the first time since I started working on it, after all. I can also test it's stability over long periods of runtime and check for any memory leaks in the servers. So far the longest any server has run is about 4 hours.

This bodes well.

I still have to disable root login and a bunch of other things but since this is all very early testing and will likely be wiped a lot I will keep it convenient for now. Off to take my dog out and do some chores, then I will set about getting the tools uploaded and deploying the account server and all that.

That took an hour but hey, clean bathroom. My back is not happy about all the bending and odd angles but it'll get better. In the meantime I need to work out what needs changing for the servers to run on Colony.

Well, trying to get the auth server running has proven to be painful. I can't even run the migrations. I setup the db and accounts, went to migrate and got an error with django q:

django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: relation "django_q_schedule" does not exist
LINE 1: INSERT INTO "django_q_schedule" ("name", "func", "hook", "ar...

I guess I could create it manually but... probably not a great idea. I even deleted all the migrations and disabled django q in the settings but somehow it is still trying to run it.

I did some trickery to it, disabled all mention of it in my code, ran the migrations, re-enabled it and migrated again. The problem was likely due to django scanning my views and models before executing the migrations, seeing reference to a table it had not yet created and freaked out. Got it now though.

Recompiled the wrappers to work for the server, too.

Now I need to modify the 3 servers to run there too. Should only be a few IP changes and 3 lines of OS stuff if I am not mistaken. Alright, I compiled libpqxx and was about to compile the wrappers on the server to work with that version of libpqxx when I mysteriously ran out of space. There was supposed to be 40gb but somehow there was only 4. I submitted a ticket, though there's no more time left for today. It's 4:40pm now and I should probably go cook come food soon.

So I will finish this tomorrow and then, though with the servers all on and idle (no players connected) the resource usage was quite surprising.

Neat. Good resource usage compared to expectation.

I wonder how much that will change with the map state refactors. Considering I will be having maps on the server I assume the memory will increase of course but the CPU should go down. My cpanel shared host is back to working at least.

Anyway, I am off.