(Hopefully) Completing the Pet transformations.

(Hopefully) Completing the Pet transformations.

I plan to make the first armor and weapon sprites today. I will only have a single frame attack animation since I want it to be quick, snappy and smooth to transition to and from. Also I don't want to have to do 32 frames per armor. This allows me to do 12 walking frames and 4 attack frames per armor. Weapons will only show up when attacking at first, if I have time I will animate them on a paperdoll system but I would rather spend that time working on systems.

After I get the equipment in I will get started on making the dungeon floors and their triggers that load the current floor and unload the last floor. Then I will create the databases for items, recipes and pets. Finally I will get combat and enemies added in. Hopefully I will have functionally added all of these by the end of next week, sooner if I don't hit too many snags. I am unfamiliar with Unity as I only ever used it a little bit in the past.

Welp, time to get to work. Guess I will start with the armor sprite. Gonna keep it simple, I will add details and make it look good if I have time.

First three frames of the Base for the Karakasa Armor look ... alright.

Armor 1

Now I finished all the frames I need I have to actually write the code to swap the sprite. One would think it's just a matter of changing the sprite in the SpriteRenderer. This is not the case, it turns out. The sprite renderer gets it's sprite set from the Animator. I need to create a new set of animations and swap out the animator. It's not terrible, but kind of annoying.

Alright, that's the armor system done until I add combat.


I need to add the pet feeding system in properly but that comes after the item DB. Each item will be an object with a sprite and properties, all held in reference in the Item DB. When feeding there will be some properties transferred to the pet, like Def exp or Element Exp +/-.

Anyway, next I need to add the Weapon transformations, but first... lunch.

He can dance.

Go man, go!

Added the weapon transformation in.


Still need to work on making the attack fire with cooldown, playing the attack animation on the player and removing the ability to attack when there is no weapon equipped.

Cooldowns and animations are working. Somewhat janky but working.

Kick it's ass. brewster!

Need to add some sound effects for things but eh, it's 7pm now and I need to clock out.  Here's a really busted web build. (Need to fix the UI anchoring and scaling.)