It's back, mostly!

It's back, mostly!

I unbroke it. Images should all be working again, everything should be back up and running and I created this thing... which is a test coupon thing for membership on this site. I should probably start adding some content worth subscribing here for but I think I will do more of that on the Armored Mask site, this is more a place for dev logs and notes.


I had planned to do this all over the weekend but many things had to be done aside from this, chiefly the lawn wars. I am out there every day I can be slowly chopping my way through. I will get there, it's just a matter of time now.

Services resume.
Uptime Kuma
Uptime Kuma monitoring tool

Anyway, I am back to the lawn battle today, I should have gotten everything but Cyberwanderers back up and running. I need to generate a new cert for Cyberwanderers and actually start working on building the stuff I wanted for it... though I need a big ol HDD for that project, it involves a lot of archiving.

Yeah, it says Yarrbeard is down because that's currently actually quite down. I need to put something at the root but I never have decided on what. The devlog is it's own thing here.

But yeah, once the rain lets up I will be back at the lawn and also working on my little AI R&D side project. Soon I will resume work on the AI for Mewsli, I am also considering writing tools for designing AI behavior patterns kinda like macros? We'll see if I have time.