Well, it looked like I was going to move there for a minute. Not so much anymore. I'm on waiting lists for apartments, hopefully I hear something soon.

I've been taking this time to just clean my house and get things done around here I have been putting off. I've also been experimenting with the WLED software on some ESP32s and 8266s and it will probably work for the base of my Jake node rewrite saving me a lot of time.

I will try to finish up this phase of the Jake rewrite as quickly as I can, I also want to add some form of alerts to the Mantilogs client to inform of scheduled tasks or if something has gone past the time threshold for a check.

I'm not sure what I will be doing this coming month though, I would like to say I will be working on these things but I can't be sure with how things are right now.

I've been incredibly stressed out and anxious about just about everything lately, I guess it's better than being depressed but I can feel it taking a toll on my body. Sometimes I am winded from simple tasks and I spend a lot of time very very tired. I have started to calm down over the last few days and hope that nothing sparks it off again. I've also been sending e-mails to therapists to see if I can get something going online until I can get somewhere I can do it in person.

Ah, just now someone turned around in my driveway and my heart started pounding. This has got to change.

At any rate; I'll be trying to get some work done on projects in the mornings if I can stay calm and focused and in the afternoons I will continue my catching up on things around the house. So development will continue to be a little slow on everything if there is in fact any development at all. I have no idea what's going to be happening, honestly. People seem to keep me in the dark about everything.

One thing I am sure of is I need to get back to game development. My brain is just wired for it, every time I open a search query as I am thinking of how to format it I end up typing "Game Dev" in the search bar. I am not sure what project to start out with in Godot 4 but something tells me I will want it to be networked, maybe an ORPG or something to that effect. Though really, I would like to port forward Gerucrash.

I was right there at the core of the project when I stopped working on it and I think if I could get enough money for one of them renewed business mini x86s I could use it for a server instead of running the r710 which I can't afford while I am saving up... thing is those are like $100. It's a good price but I am broke.

By my reckoning I got... 3 months more saving to do before I can be comfortable spending anything. So until then, I guess I better keep networking very simple or just avoid it.

I wish I could find the code for Toghairm, it's pretty close to finished too. I think the main repository was on the Buffalo server when I lost it. There were backups all over the place but I can't for the life of me find them. There's probably one on the R710 but that poor thing needs a bit of cleaning up and there's a chance it was lost in the Great Portainer Cataclysm of '22.

Until I can settle on something to do with game dev for the first proper Godot 4 project I will continue on working on Jake and Mantilogs.

Today I guess I can mess around with Godot 4, look at the stuff in the library and see what people have been doing with it. Maybe get an idea for a game project.

I also might spend some time on the Jake Core writing the schedule worker to send animation and color change updates to the nodes.

Anyway, gonna get on that. Once I move or the dust settles around here I will get back to documenting what I do again.