Mantilogs API-ification: Part Two?

Mantilogs API-ification: Part Two?

So I've been messing around writing my custom serializers and whatnot, not much time left in this morning since I had to spend a bit of time setting up the basis of a proper CI system.

Anyway; I've realized that the way some of my models are designed which made sense at the time will be a bit of a pain in the ass for the redesign. So I have to do some remodeling, so to speak.

Alright, then.

Having a Feed Log be a child to a primary log doesn't make much sense and I should probably break the primary log into smaller log parts that can be added as needed. The thick plottens.

So Monday I suppose I will start the model redesign and then I will have to write some sort of tool to convert the old data to fit the new models. What a treat.

Anyway, lunch time, cleaning, yada yada. Clocking out.