Mantilogs...uh, log interfaces.

Mantilogs...uh, log interfaces.

Continuing where I left off Friday, I am adding the rest of the log forms today. Wont be writing much I don't think. Just trying to get this done for now, it is basically just an iteration on what I did Friday anyway.

I'm having a strange day today and have to fill out some forms and stuff later so I am a bit distracted. The hope is to finish as many of these forms as possible today, if I finish all of them then I only need to write the edit functions and displays for them and then I can work on something else I need to get around to the rest of the week and next week start on the next step for Mantilogs.

I will need another endpoint to get the user ID by token and set it on the SESSION singleton for submission where the user's ID would be required, e.g.; Interaction Logs where we log what user is interacting with the gecko in question.

Or not, In the end I found a smarter way to handle it without the application knowing the User ID.

‌                   class InteractionLogSerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer): interaction_with = serializers.HiddenField(default=serializers.CurrentUserDefault()) class Meta: model = Interaction_Log fields = '__all__'               python

I set a default on the serializer.

With that I have 3 log interfaces done and I can clock out for today, 3 more tomorrow and then I have to serialize the Micrologs. After that I have to make the edit versions of the forms which should just be the create forms populated with the data from the entry to be edited and then create displays for the data in the gecko profile view (which I also have to create).

If I am good I will be able to pull that off by the end of the week, if not I will finish it next week before I take a short break to do some work on other things, then come back to it when I know what else I need to do.

While I take that break the interface will be in use, which means bug reports will be generated and that will likely be where I spend the majority of time working on the software for a bit.

Anyway, almost there now.

Gonna clock out and try to cool down my mind. I've been going a mile a minute here and my chest is kinda tight. My brain is in overdrive for some reason.