Mantilogs Mk II: Part One -- Authenticated API

Mantilogs Mk II: Part One -- Authenticated API

So, in order to make my forms more user friendly I figure I should add some API endpoints and use JWT to confirm the user is authenticated to submit form data.

I could use Django Rest Framework or I could roll my own solution. Both are appealing... I have minimal experience with DRF so it would be nice to gain a little more. I do have a fondness for rolling my own everything though, usually more to be learned there. I think I should probably use the rest framework this time, perhaps? It has a pretty robust toolkit and will get me off the ground more quickly.

Now that I have that figured out I will need to set up a local Mantilogs DB clone so I don't break production but still have plenty of data to test with. Then I will have to install and configure DRF and write serializers if memory serves. It's been a while since I used it.

First thing is the feed log, since that's the most tedious form I have currently. I'll write a serializer for that and get some CRUD endpoints up, test them out and then get to the form creation. I'll be writing the form in JS and have it generate a JSON output to send to the endpoint to be processed, sanitized and added to the database.

It's nearly lunch time and I am again sick to my stomach from not eating anything for breakfast. At least, I assume that's what's causing it... so I will get myself set up here and then eat some lunch, lay down for a few minutes and get back to spring cleaning.

Backup pulled, time to make a clone DB.

I also had an idea to include an object storage system for images and whatever else via a minio container so I can more easily backup said images.

Anyway, I'll check back in tomorrow. I want to get that DB set up and the project configured so I can get to work tomorrow adding DRF to it.