Mantilogs MK II: Work begins in earnest

Mantilogs MK II: Work begins in earnest

I've got my DB up and project configured, I can now start the integration of DRF and serialize the Feed logs model to create an endpoint for it. I'll have to work out how DRF will handle the authentication when I start building the form but that's a bridge I've yet to cross.

So the first thing to do is integrate Django Rest Framework. Should be relatively simple, don't think it's going to break anything but this is computer science and there are a lot of moving parts given the nature of python so who can say for sure, really?

Before I do anything though, I will make a local repository for the development branch of Mantilogs on a Pi inside my office network, don't want to pull the wrong version if I need to deploy again for some reason and I would rather keep the code close in case something happens with the internet. Plus my local git server is mirrored across a few backup systems because I have lost enough source code over the years.

Repository setup complete. Time to get to work.

I'll be needing a shower today and still have more spring cleaning to do. Could take the majority of this month to complete spring cleaning while balancing everything else. Showering is also an ordeal these days requiring the boiling of water and mixing with cold water and an old garlic jar. It is what it is, at least I have running water. Another reason to hurry the moving along.

It's slow going on this project but at least it's going. Once I have more time to work on things it will be moving a lot faster but for now I just have to be content with little bits every day which is kinda hard for me... but I have no choice. I also can't allocate an hour a day to my guitar, having to make due with 15-40 minutes depending on how long it takes to get the morning routine done.

I've got a few things I would like to add to Mantilogs already outlined in my notes. So I should be busy with it for a while.

Shot of my notebook chapter on Mantilogs planned features.

I've been developing Mantilogs sporadically over the past 4 years now, adding things, tweaking things and fixing bugs as I went. It's really in need of a good cleaning up and some documentation. I started the project before I took documentation too seriously and there are no unit tests written as this was primarily just a project I wanted to get working quickly so we could make sure we were taking proper care of our Mantis buddies. Then came the Leopard Geckos which I also added with more features and things I learned from making mistakes on the Mantis part of the project.

Anyway, I need to spend a bit of time with my guitar since I didn't get any time for it this morning while I was setting up my dev space for Mantilogs.

After that I will do some cleaning and wash my stank ass, by then it will probably be dinner time so I will have to pick this up tomorrow. One good thing about having to go so slowly is I have a lot more time to think about things while I am cleaning which should allow me to hypothetically make better decisions in my planning and reduce the amount of time I spend in development.

Welp. I guess I am clocking out.