Mantilogs, More Log Interfaces.

Mantilogs, More Log Interfaces.

Yesterday I just ended up crashing out after noon. I was for some reason cold and tired and kept nearly passing out. I am glad I left the office early yesterday. May do so again today. May do that a lot in the coming days, really. Until I find somewhere to move. I have a lot of cleaning to do and a lot of things I just need to take care of as it is, once it gets warm enough to open the windows again I will likely be doing a lot of that.

Anyway, I will continue to work on my projects of course, I just have to deal with a lot of other things right now.

All of these other things have been really distracting me and stressing me out which has been making it a bit hard to focus on... anything really. I know once I have some semblance of solid ground again I will be able to focus my days on projects. Besides, spring cleaning keeps getting interrupted and I still have to cut my grass. It keeps raining whenever I plan to do it.

I will be working on finishing up the last 3 log interfaces today and then tomorrow(assuming all goes well) will move on to the Micrologs serializer and interface. Then the views and editing functions to fill in the rest of Create Read Update Delete.

With that, on to the forms.

Enrichment log form is posting fine.

It is a little bit frustrating that since Godot 4 I have been experiencing crashes that don't fully crash the software. The interface vanishes but it's still running and things are still happening. It's just vanished from my task manager and the window is gone.

I have to kill the process and restart it. Good thing I save often... probably a hardware issue given the age of my little buddy here.

Incident logs added.

I wasn't paying close enough attention to realize the third log interface I was going to add was the cleaning log one. That needs a model overhaul and serializers written for it. So I will add the watering and moist hide logs instead.

Disabled the non-functioning buttons for now.

So now all the buttons I intended to get working today are working. The forms are posting correctly and now it's lunch time and then probably cleaning and research and house hunting time.

Tomorrow I will work on the two grayed out buttons by adding serializers, endpoints and model modifications where applicable. Then it's on to displaying the data with tabs and pagination, then editing after that.

Time to clock out.