Mantilogs on Android Part 1.5: Scaling, Navigation, Posting Feed Logs

Mantilogs on Android Part 1.5: Scaling, Navigation, Posting Feed Logs

So I got it connected to the API and wrote a little bash script to sign the APKs with debug keys. Next I need to work out scaling the UI properly. I have done some things to the settings that should work and I have to test it but I wanted to get touch scrolling working first.

It occurs to me I could probably write a custom navigation system instead of using horizontal scrolling and have a much easier time in the long term. It'll be a bit more work to implement a drop down and a couple of arrow buttons to move between geckos but it would sort my scaling issues.

To start out I should test and see if my viewport scaling is fixed now, then I will have to decide how to handle my navigation.

Yup. Seems to scale fine now. I also notices I can tap the corners of the screen to quickly pop between geckos. I should still probably build a custom solution for this, what if there's hundreds of geckos for some reason? Having a drop-down to quickly scroll to the gecko in question would be a lot quicker than tapping the corner of the screen rapidly, going gecko to gecko alphabetically.

Okay, so, doing away with the scroll bar in favor of a custom solution. Maybe I should draw it up... actually, nearly lunch time. Probably should get on that first.

Alright, I have an interface, now I have to figure out how I want to handle the data in it. I suppose the fastest way is to construct a dict from the array that comes in from the API, using the gecko ID as the key.

Then I can iterate by using an index that is simply an array of IDs, since Arrays are ordered by default in Godot.


Now I have an easier to use navigation system.

The text is a little weird looking on this computer but it looks fine on my phone. I'll have to figure out why but it's fine for now.

Compiled and sent to my phone, everything is working as it should so far. I got a feature request when demonstrating the interface so I guess I will look into it.

Years since birthday

There, now it says how many years old a gecko is (assuming your system time is set right). I could have added it to the end-point but why make the server do what the client can?

One other thing I want to do is add a bug report button.

Top left bug button.
Bug Report

There we go, bugs can be reported more easily now.

Next up... log interfaces.

Probably start with the one that kicked off this whole... adventure... the feed log.

It's a thing. Bad video quality, old hardware.

It doesn't submit any data yet and I still have to wire up the add and subtract buttons, but it's starting to come together.

The data is properly reflected.

So now that I can add, subtract and remove food items I guess the next step is being able to submit the data to the API, almost 4pm now so here's hoping it will be as smooth as it is in my head.

Data committed.

Welp, I have successfully sent a feed log from the application to the API. I'll have to test it on the phone next of course.

Tested it, had Moon test it. Looks like I completed the goal for this week. Next week I will be adding the rest of the logs and then working on the edit functions to modify logs which will require the log displays and some other things. Hopefully that shouldn't be too big of a deal.

4:40 now, not much else I can do today but commit changes and clock out.

Later, fuckers!