Software for managing care and breeding of exotic pets, offspring morph prediction and lineage tracking as well as keeping track of feeder cultures and general inventory. Written in Django with Python 3.8 with a PostgreSQL DB and currently running on a Raspberry Pi 4. Originally created to help keep track of Mantis care, hence the name it grew to meet our needs and seeing how most similar software costs a bit of money I plan to keep it free and open source.

Leopard Gecko Index Alpha
Leopard Gecko Logs Alpha

Currently has support for:

  • Feeder Cultures
  • Leopard Geckos (Including morphs and lots of data points)
  • Inventory Management

Future Support:

  • Royal Pythons (Ball)
  • Hermit Crabs
  • Various more common reptiles, insects, arachnids and amphibions with plans to add rarer species as requested (if requested)
  • Tank ID printouts with QR codes to quickly add logs to pets.
  • Dashboard to inform users of what needs doing that day and any other useful information.
  • Meta section with more general information on species.
  • Ability to scan barcodes to add inventory.

Currently in early development, I am working on it mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays in between studying various courses. I'll also be using the data from it to help design the genetics system for another project called Tamakai, a pet breeding simulator/engine also with Django.