More Jobs for Slimes

More Jobs for Slimes

Today I will just include my notebook page for what I am working on and some pictures. A storm is rolling in as I write this and the battery in this thing is... vestigial.

The Gathering AI Branches

Key: In Dev & Testing Not Started Done(For Now) Waiting for other systems

I'll need to create resource nodes and tools for various gatherers. Some tools are lower priority as we are not at the level of taming animals and building farms. We start out like a small tent village trying to build to a city of industry. I will focus on hunting and gathering from the land for now, then later on after I have refactored the construction system to work with the new builder slimes.

I expect to get to the construction refactor after combat, so probably later in July would be when I get started on it.

  • Scythe - Grasses
  • Sickle - Grasses [Redundant, no need yet]
  • Builder's Hammer - Construction Sites [Needs Construction Refactor]
  • Bee Smoker - Bee Hives(Wild and Constructed)
  • Watering Can - Growing Crops [Requires Farm Construction]
  • Hoe - Prepare field for planting [Requires Farm Construction]
  • Machete - Clear land of brush to build on it. [Before Construction Refactor]
  • Basket - Bushes
  • Pickax - Mineral Deposits
  • Hand Pick - Mineral Deposits [Redundant]
  • Shovel - Digging Spots [NEXT]
  • Fishing Pole - Fishing Holes
  • Axe - Trees
  • ...

I'll start with the Scythe and Grasses I suppose, since it's at the top.

  1. Need a grass, like wheat.
  2. Add Scythe Proficiency
  3. Then a scythe resource in the ResourceDB
  4. Add Scythe to EquipmentDB.
  5. Add a Novice Farmer Job
  6. Add Scythe to job's starting inventory.
  7. Add AI branch for scythe use.
  8. Create Scythe Animation
  9. Add Swoosh SFX for Scythe
  10. Test
  11. Debug
  12. Repeat Steps 7 & 8 until it works.

Then I will go through the list one by one and add all the tools and their AI. Then I will probably have to iterate on the jobs and tools, adding more.




And some pixel art I quickly threw together over the past couple days to get things into the game.

Alright, I am going to go risk making some dinner. Hope the power doesn't go bang on me.