More Mantilogs Bugfixes, Implementing Task Queuing in Jake-O-Lantern

More Mantilogs Bugfixes, Implementing Task Queuing in Jake-O-Lantern

So I found that there is an active fork of Django-Q Called Django-Q2

That'll come in handy.

As for Mantilogs there were some text wrap bugs in the notes sections on two of the log forms and I have fixed that. I renamed returned feed to uneaten feed to make it more clear as well. That's about all that I did with that for today.

Well, I got it integrated. I have to figure out how I am going to bridge this together with the API though. I suppose I should have a model in schedule that tracks the nodes and hmm...

How do I create a task from the API? I really should just try and get this thing hooked int0 the API and see what I can do from there. I got a lot on my mind right now and that's making it hard to concentrate. This whole house hunt thing is really messing with me.

Anyway, it looks like I can write my async task handler to accept args, using them args to select nodes, animations, playlists, etc. So that part shouldn't be too hard, the only thing I have to solve is the creation of schedules from the API it seems.

Exposing the model through the API (in theory) should be all I need to do, right? There might be something else though, I am not sure if the model will handle the actual task setup, though if I can create schedules from the Admin panel... I would presume, perhaps it might. If not I will have to dig through docs or reverse it to find where the actual scheduled task is set up and write a hook.

Now, where's that model hiding?

Well, hello there.

Documentation I can understand.

Now then, to the creation of a serializer for this thing.

Well, look at that;

I've exposed the schedule model on the API.

Welp, I guess the thing I was having trouble figuring out is now figured out.

It's lunch time and I have to figure out some other stuff related to our living situation over here so I will be back to it tomorrow testing this thing out and writing some kind of dummy node messenger system and scheduling some tasks for it. It should just do some printing but that's all I need for now.