More slime loading.

More slime loading.

I'll be working on the client first today, adding some particle emitter constructors so I can add particle emitters to the script loader. Once I finish with that I will load the slime scripts on the server and then I am done with the loading for the time being, at least... the slime loading.

I think next I will work on the character loader and maybe set up a character creation UI. After that I will model and build a basic apartment to start loading the slimes and player character into. Then will be the animating of slimes and care systems. I may change the order if I need to but that's the plan for now.

With that I guess I better get on that particle emitter system, eh?

After much trial and error and having to write my own vertex sampler to build the emission shapes... I have a base version of the particle emitter.

Here it is being tested with a basic fire sparks particle emitter I built real quick-like.

Now that parts can have particle emitters and shaders I think I can finally finish loading the slimes on the server side.

First, though, I have to document the Client Side loader and how parts work and their scripts and... all... of... that...

Nearly done with documenting the loader.


But now it is time for lunch.

Wrote the documentation on shader and particle emitter control, fixed up my emitter control with another function, it now can be told to sample the sprite source for it's particle colors.

Now the server loading.

The particle emission was a little more work than I expected, having to write my own sampler to build the sprite vector for emission shapes, then writing another sampler to get the sprite's palette packed into an array for the colors of the particles... but it's done. I have my basic particle emitter and I can move on to loading the server scripts and then tomorrow if I have time I will start on the player loading.

Players are far simpler than slimes, so it should be quicker. They don't have as much data or as much to set up.

I say if I have time because I have some stuff to do tomorrow regarding an apartment. Hopefully it all works out but that depends on how things go tomorrow.

Anyway, slime scripts on the server. Just have to create child nodes for the parts that have scripts attached and load the script the same way I do on the client, sans all the visual stuff.

I will also have to set up a cache and update system on the server so it doesn't have to pull the scripts every single time it loads the parts.

Getting a bit close to 5 now, not sure I will finish this today but I am sure going to try.

Or not, hit a snag getting a server script endpoint up. Apparently the /api/slime endpoint is getting overwritten by the /client/slime endpoint. I have looked through all my URLs and they are set up find so I am not sure where this is happening.

Could be some "feature" of DRF that I am unaware of doing this...

It's also done this to the player endpoint... what the hell?


Welp, I have run out of time today. I have no idea why it's doing this. I will have to read the DRF documentation, figure out how their router is handling this in such a way as to overwrite endpoints that are completely unrelated.

Edit; Fixed it.