More work on Mantilogs

More work on Mantilogs

Got woken up at 4:30am today and decided I would just work nonstop on adding some features toward the next milestone of Mantilogs.

I managed to add:
* The rest of the tab partials for the Leopard Gecko Profiles (Molts, Picture Gallery, Tank Information, Lineage & Breeding)
* The Meta App for species information.
* The Combo Morph Model
* An add picture button for geckos
* The Inventory System Refactor
* Morph index and Morph View with the ability to find what morphs make other morphs via the combo morphs model.

Probably some things I am forgetting.

Here's some images what I saved on discord so I would be able to find them easier when I got around to writing this.

The new Morphs Index (With lovely beetle placeholder.)
The morph information page. Needs a little work but it was the last thing I did.
A test gecko showing the gallery tab off.
The initial Lineage and Breeding display. I will need to add some more to it and style it. It was a low priority as we won't need it for a bit but if someone did need it I would get it done of course.
This is what shows for the parents. If you had a parent that was also a baby; both would show. You could just click your way up a genetic line currently.

The Molt gallery. Need to dig up a picture for the May one and add all the other ones in between. I still need to get the old data from the legacy version of the software.
Quick and dirty Tank information. There would be pictures... if we had added them to the tank_objects in the database.

I decided that keeping the information display more clean and straightforward was probably the best thing I could do for most of this. Open to feedback of course.

With that I am out for the night, I think. I gotta do some planning for the mmo project.