Nearly back to normal now.

Nearly back to normal now.

Currently I'm still stuck in bed but can get up and walk around more now. I've spent the last few days working on trying to program some ESP32 cams. I ended up having to buy a second programmer as I could only seem to get the one I had working with one of the dev boards.

I've also been sitting here practicing with my guitar and ocarinas, at least 15-60 minutes a day of course. I've gotten very rusty in 10 years.

I installed the new SSD and have been getting things back to normal with the new Arch install.

I've also started working on a calendar display for the feed logs. I looked at some libraries at first but then just coded my own. It needs some styling, of course but the functionality is mostly there now.

Came across a bug that somehow went unnoticed in Mantilogs, I think it's because in my haste to get the DB server up and running on SSDs I forgot to configure the timezone properly. I will know more over the next few days. If that's the case I will have to evaluate how the models handle datetimes.

For my guitars I got Guitarix set up, pretty nice little software. Back in the day I think I had Guitar Rig or something. It's nice to be able to simulate amps and effects with Rakarack and Guitarix, then pipe that through headphones so I can hear it without the noise of the road like 10 feet from me. Jack is an interesting way to handle routing audio. Pretty straightforward once you got it configured.

Between those, audacity, my cheapo midi keyboard and LMMS I think I can start making music for my game. As to what that game is I'm still unsure. I think I will have to have 2 going. One with an aim to release October 1st and one with a longer cycle and loftier goal which I will work on less but should be able to keep me from getting that wandering mind issue.

I also plan to continue improving Mantilogs and creating hardware that interacts with it. The next thing I will be doing is depending on how the cameras work out. I also have to solder some OLED screens I got for tank displays.

I was considering taking the time to make the frontend for my mantilogs API into a react app as well as possibly creating an android app possibly with react native but I don't really care for React or Vue, but feel like I should probably have at least one project with one of them just to have the experience if I need it, you know?

I've also considered the idea of streaming dev and learning, maybe making youtube tutorials on software, hardware and maybe pixel art? These are the things I am most familiar with. Had a lot of time to think over the past 3 weeks, had a lot of ideas. Gotta pick what works for me and move forward from there. Only way to know what works is to try. Probably start with youtube if anything.

I've also been trying to sketch more, to get ideas for game characters and monsters. Well, until my tablet started to jitter. Might be something I can fix with a reboot, might be more than that. I'll see shortly.

Anyway I'm gonna get back to working on stuff.