Nearly finished with this design phase.

Nearly finished with this design phase.

I've been spending a bit of time every day writing the books to get a broad overview of the year one systems. As of now I have only one more system to get outlined and then I can get back to work on Monday writing code starting with the initial Slime Generator.

I still need to design the traits system for the slimes and figure out how to model their interactions in the database. Once I have that figured out I will go back through and look over everything, cross some Ts dot some Is and then we're off, once again to the code mines.

Once more into the mines.

If I have some time today I want to get started designing the dev tools as well, I have some idea of how it all works but I really would like to get it written down and realize some detail.

I'd like to simplify the design of slime parts for myself and any future developers, designers and artists so having a set of design tools that can interact with the API and allow editing of sprites, parts, apartments, furniture, etc. from one place where they wont have to have several pieces of software running or have to keep track of where all their sprites are and what goes to what should increase productivity and allow for faster development overall as well as faster response to any bugs.

The tools would need a script editor, sprite editor and interface with the API, allowing a developer to log in with their staff account and have the ability to edit anything related to the game that the client can load from the server.

Anyway, getting ahead of myself. Better get to the traits design, then some lunch, then I got some forms to fill out and after that I'll see where I am with the traits and go from there.