Out of Office once again

Out of Office once again

I'm still going to be working on projects, just can't go into my office for a bit.

I've been spending the last 4 days working on my servers, getting stuff running and updating other things. I even get a few of my old game servers back up and running. On that note; I'll be setting up a website for all the game server I host under a domain I've had since I was a teenager; Bujingames.com

Aside from that I've managed to get an IRC server up with services and set up some tools for it. I still need to bridge some channels to a discord server, but the core is there. It's under my Cyberwanderers.com banner, a domain dedicated to the old wild west days of the internet. It's primarily a wiki and should hopefully function as a hub. It has some forums and other community scaffolding in place, all that's left is for me to add some articles, set up the forums properly and get it out there.

I am back up to 4 external servers, 2 of which are VPS that only cost me 4 bucks a month and one is a tiny dedicated server which is in essence a laptop which is only 17 bucks a month. While I would like to have my old setup back, this is better than nothing and I am happy to have it.

I think once I move I will save up and get another R710 or something, it really depends on where I end up and what the set up is, how the internet is there, etc. Time will tell. Maybe I will still buy one and colocate it.

Anyway, I'll get back to work on the Mantilogs interface as soon as I can get back in the office, hopefully this week though maybe next week. I'm not going to entertain the thought that it could be longer. I can't play guitar anywhere else and the line between work and relaxing time is blurred so I end up working when I should be relaxing. In the office I have a nice cut-off spot where I can walk out the door and switch modes.

Welp, gotta take my dog out and get to work on bringing this old Phantasy Star Online server back up.