Player Anims and Slime AI

Player Anims and Slime AI

Well, yesterday I got the slimes loaded in and wandering around with 2D navmesh and a basic state-machine based AI system. I also got started on the player animation and ran into some issues with the padding on the sprite.

Today I went and set myself up with a doctor and got back in time to get started 9 like usual so I have the full work day to get this stuff going. I will be out Thursday afternoon, though. But I will at least have the morning.

So far I have rebuilt the sprite and renderer for the player, I need to actually set up the state machine a little smoother to handle animating the player correctly. I'd rather not be doing math every frame on position data if I can avoid it but maybe I can apply movement animations in the input callbacks? Not sure how that would look.

Currently I have it update animation on button press and release but you can hold 2 buttons, release one and slide around on your little penis feet which is incorrect.

So, that's the first thing I am doing, fixing state change for animation handling.

While I feel like there is certainly a more efficient way than setting direction and state in an Input.is_action_pressed() call, it works for now. I plan to overhaul character control once the adventure system comes up and I don't think the game will be too demanding that this will be an issue... hopefully.

Anyway, solved the character movement issue and animations are set up now... next thing to do is write documentation on how I converted the sprites to work properly.

Docs updated;

Now then, there's the matter of the slime hands rendering a little far down which causes the Y-Sort to be all screwed up and their hands to poke through the walls at the bottom of the test room. This can not be allowed to continue or I will eat my keyboard.


Next is the corner bottom walls, they are rendered under the player for testing something earlier and I should fix that now. While I am at it I will add a couple more rooms to the apartment here and see how the slime AI deals with it.


I am noticing the slimes are going to tiles they are not supposed to though, I am wondering if the navigation mesh is not communicating with the agent correctly.

Looks alright.

Optimized Nav a bit, everything seems to be staying fairly stable so I think it's time to get on with it.

I think I will take it kind of easy for the rest of the week and work on the apartment stuff. Kind of excited about it. Should strike while the iron is hot, I suppose.

Starting on apartment external maps and adding some life to the streets.

Cars Driving By
Cars driving by.

Now cars drive past at random intervals, I made a car spawner that will randomly pick from car scenes and spawn them in. The cars just scoot on past and self destruct after 20 seconds.

I need to do some work on the tileset, add some transition tiles. I need to add more cars and car sounds. I also want to add some NPCs that walk by on paths through the sidewalk randomly spawned.

This will require some level of traffic control, I might set up a stoplight at the corner there and have the npcs and cars obey the light via area2d.

After that I should have a slightly more dynamic corner here adding some life to the game. Better than a big black void, I would think. I also might make the apartments a little bigger to start out but it depends on a few things. Firstly, furniture. Secondly, how I handle my camera.

I also want to move the slimes out of their squash and stretch animation and into something more... pixel-based.

Then I will get started on the care system and slime interactions.

Traffic control will have to be finished tomorrow, I am entirely too tired to function today. I got a bit done, not as much as I would like but what am I gonna do? It's 8:30 now and I don't have the energy at this point. Woke up too early today.

The mess. Manhattan mode.