Prepping to move

Prepping to move

Well, I am moving on the 4th, rented the truck and got everything set up for then.

It's going to be pretty sporadic posting if at all until maybe the second week of November. I have been trying to get everything in order to make this move as smooth as I can.

Development will resume once I get everything settled, though internet might be an issue. My current ISP has no service where I am moving which really sucks because they are the first one I really liked. I have to go back to Spectrum, my old nemesis. This means dev will be a bit more... crappy and probably slow down a little. My upload speed being severely reduced and all.

I may also be taking longer lunch breaks on nice days to go out for walks, I haven't been able to get regular exercise the last 5 years and I need to remedy this ASAP. Aside from those things though, development should resume as it was for the most part.

I'll finish up the new update system and get back to working on the gameplay loop for the care system. After I have a solid care system in I will build the internet server so the players can interact. I will also be working on slime animations in this time.

Once that is in I will have to work on slime evolution, I think. Handling them growing up and becoming adults. Then it's on to the breeding system and handling genetics and mutations. For all of this I suspect it will take a couple months... maybe less.

As for a play test I would like to shoot for Xmas right now but I can't be sure yet. Once the move is done and the dust settles I should have a clearer picture.

With that, I have to start packing today. I have a little over a week left.