Project One: Mantilogs Interface Design and Documentation

Project One: Mantilogs Interface Design and Documentation

I've not much time today, things to do. I've wire-framed a design for the first part of the interface overhaul and will be working on it this week.

Game dev will continue shortly, but this week is going to be a bit rough. I am hunting all around New York State for a place to live and trying to get my spring cleaning started.

I have however been thinking I shouldn't be imposing time constraints on game development projects, seems like when I do it all goes to shit.

Anyway, yeah, gonna go get some lunch, got nothing to eat for breakfast for a few days due to some delays so I am going to be even more... odd. Either way, if you are only here for game development I would say skip the next few posts. Just going to be me documenting the work I do on Mantilogs.

First thing I will do is clone the DB so I have something to work in and not be breaking crap in production. (Obviously) Then I will set about looking at ways to build the form... probably with JavaScript. Then building the mobile version of the interface since that's the primary target, given my wife's main interface when working with the geckos is a phone. It's also good practice or whatever, who cares? But really though, I should really rebuild the interface for mobile.


Anyway, lunch. I'm out.