Quick Sunday Post about DevOps

Quick Sunday Post about DevOps

Today I started working on a short course to help acclimate myself with some different tech, I have never used docker with any python projects before, in fact I rarely every bothered with it as I never really had much need for it.

Though after getting a docker container set up and getting the CI working with it in just a few minutes I figure I should probably use it for most of my APIs and web apps going forward. Possibly with K8s, but that is for another time.

By the end of Tuesday or Thursday I should have completed the course on DevOps and the Django Rest Framework so I can build APIs with Django from now on with all the goodies that come with it. My old way was just to use a lightweight framework which is fine for a lot of things, but I think the Django way might work better for me. I can have a Django Project with a bunch of micro-services and if I need... just pop them out of the current project and plop them into another one thanks to how Django Apps work.

Also I never really bothered with TDD or Unit testing or CI as I thought it was a lot more hassle than it turned out to be. So I will probably be employing these methodologies more from here on. (Not sure how TDD would work in Unity though...).

Besides, it is kinda satisfying to have a passing build badge on the Github project.

Well, I am off. Only wanted to do so much of the coursework today. Hopefully finish it up Tuesday, but for tomorrow I have to make some pets, weapons and armors for the prototype.