Quirks of Minio

Quirks of Minio

So as it turns out whenever I try to access my minio bucket for Geruterra through cloudflare tunnels from the main API it has permissions issues. The Image API using the same settings has no issue. I must be missing something but I have no idea yet.

I will set up a reverse proxy with SSL and try it that way, if it fails then I have to assume it is something to do with SSL.

At any rate, I now have a basic setup for remote development and testing. My deployment was a bit... wonky. I will need to create an entry point that will copy files into bind mounts in future, for now I am just pulling directly from the git repository. It's a dev deploy anyway.

Well, that took all day. Countless permutations tested until eventually I started repeating myself and it worked... for some reason. The connection to the file store is working as it should be again. I guess that means the deployment is now functional and I can get to finishing up what I need to in the sprite generator... assuming we can connect to the sprite generator. Don't have time to test it right now.

It's working but I do not know why. This troubles me...

Time to clock out, however. I'll try and understand it tomorrow.